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Below is an essay on "ALBERTSONS WORK ON EMPLOYEE ATTITUDES" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Overview of the Case
• 1st case is based on Albertsons, which is a huge grocery and drug store company.
• Company hired Larry Johnston during its fall of profits.
• When Johnston was in GE, he successfully sorted out a serious problem by initiating important changes and with the help of a training specialist named Ed Foreman.
• Ed Foreman provided motivation and attitude training program called the Successful Life Course.
• The objective of this particular program is to grow confidence, team work and most importantly improving the employees’ attitude.
• This program was also applied to Albertsons.
• Program acted as a critical bridge linking employees with customers and also influenced positively Albertson’s profitability.
• Foreman’s program brought success at companies like Allstate, Milliken & Co. and Abbott Labs.

Question 1: Explain the logic as to how foreman’s 3-day course could positively influence Albertson’s profitability?

Albertsons is a grocery and drug company and deals with customer acquisition and retention. It’s business contains a huge opportunity for customer service. By establishing an energetic and committed workforce or “associates”, it can gradually move towards increased profitability. This is exactly what the Foreman’s 3-day course was designed and intended for.
Cause & Effect analysis of different parts of the program
• Providing inspirational handouts positive impression about the program
• Yoga concentration towards the training program
• Working on their confidence level positive attribute about the product and service
• Explaining “attitude” and motivation for optimistic attitude come out positively while serving the customers
• Lecture on diet and exercise physical fitness of the employees
• Working on team spirit greater cooperation among the employees

Yoga, mind control relaxation exercise, climbing hill - Mental well-being
Lecture on diet, exercise - Physical well-being
Group hugs, team spirit - Emotional...

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