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Alcohol Essay

  • Submitted by: miranda7
  • on December 8, 2008
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Alcohol Screening Reflection
My drinking pattern falls within the ranges considered to be safe for most people my age and gender.   My results also suggest that alcohol is not harming my health.   I do not see alcohol affecting my lifestyle in many ways.   I do not drink very often to start, and when I do it never postpones anything or gets in the way of anything.   These results suggest to me that I do not have a drinking problem and should not worry about the amount of alcohol I consume.   Any amount of alcohol consumed in a dormitory at UVM is illegal.   I have never been a heavy drinker and was unfortunately caught when my roommate’s friends brought alcohol to our room one night.   These results show that I do not have a problem but was just caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time.   I am concerned about the amount of alcohol consumed by my friends, however.  
I would not say that a large amount of my money is being spent on alcohol at this very moment.   I am not old enough to purchase alcohol or go to bars, so that right there limits the amount that I would purchase and consume.   In general, I am not a very big drinker and do not have the desire to go out and get “wasted” every weekend like most of my classmates.  
The screening did not have a very large impact on me.   I already knew that my alcohol consumption levels were very low, and I do not feel endangered by the amounts that I have consumed in the past.   The hearing process has made me more aware of the judicial system at UVM, and I will take more caution next time my roommate decides to invite guests over to our room without me being there.  

I chose to review the following modules: “alcohol consumption guidelines”, “If someone close has a problem”, and “What is an alcohol problem?”   I chose to review these modules because I believe that each one has somewhat of an effect on me.   I chose the alcohol consumption guideline module because almost everyone can use this one.   I know a lot of kids...

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