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alcohol Essay

  • Submitted by: SAZADA
  • on December 16, 2008
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When child become teenager, they like to drink alcohol. The reason is because of their parents, when they see their parents drinking or their friends drinking, they assume to be more like them. Most of their parents allow them to dink and they don’t advise anything to their children because they don’t concern about them. Some others teen are drink because they want to feel mature. But we know that dinking alcohol is bad for them and we shouldn’t allow them to drink. There are many reasons why they shouldn’t drink.
First of all, when they drink; they get many negative effects on their health. In addition, the human brain starts to do developing in teen’s age and up to 20’s.   In those ages, teenage brain is involving in planning, decision-making, controlling and language. If they starting to drinking alcohol during that ages, it can lead to brain damage, especially for memory, physical skills and coordination. Also, when a person heavily uses alcohol, the body stops creating the levels of dopamine (or chemical in the brain) and person will feel worse and worse when they don’t have alcohols in their nervous system.   “Heavy alcohol use interferes with the brain’s ability to form memories.”(Teenager Who Drink Alcohol May Damage Their Brains) That’s mean that when a person uses too much drink, it is hard for them to remember what happened after the night. Teenagers who drink enough of alcohol can end up having more memory and can effect on learning than adult who drink same amount of alcohol because their brains are sharper and it’s easily can affect by alcohol.
Moreover, alcohol’s harmfully effect teen girls more than boys. “Girls who drink can suffer memory problems, brain damage, and even reduced brain size” (grltlk) because girl’s body has less water than boy’s.   For instance, water helps reduce alcohol and the toxins (or poison) it and leaves behind in girls body. So, when they drink too much alcohol and it processed though their body, there will be still a...

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