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America Essay

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America is a melting pot of languages and cultures.   For many people in the U.S., English is the only language they ever use in their lives, but many Americans come from another cultures and English is not their first language.   It is important that American schools teach a foreign language and its history including background information on the language.   It is interesting to see where many languages evolved and came from and where they are spoken today.   Many languages are spoken here in the U.S. on a regular basis.   Communication with an American whose first language may not be English could benefit America as a nation.   Other countries look down on our schools because we do not require many of the classes they do, such as a foreign language.   These are all solutions to help our nation grow intellectually as well as to boost communication with our world.
    A major reason American’s as a whole do not speak a second language is because of the public schools.   As our public school system stands, the languages taught are either electives or they are not taught thoroughly enough for students to learn and retain the knowledge.   Two ways that our country could improve on teaching our children languages better include teaching a more thorough background and history of the language; also making the children more involved in speaking the language (Phoebe, 2009).
    Teaching the history of a language can help make the topic more interesting for the students.   Therefore, they would pay more attention in class and retain more knowledge when the class has been completed.   This may be a romantic and naïve idea to support teaching a second language more thoroughly, but as a whole I believe that students would benefit from a more advanced foreign language class.   Teaching the heritage and cultures involved in a language will help students to understand more about the language.   Showing what parts of the world speak the language and how it may differ slightly from place to...

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