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Is America Ready for the Same Sex Marriages? Essay

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  • on December 13, 2008
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Below is an essay on "Is America Ready for the Same Sex Marriages?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Marriage today is a real hot topic.   The most talked about of these in the 2004 elections is the idea of same-sex marriage.   Canada has already decided to allow people of the same sex to gain the same legal rights as heterosexual couples, and it has worked out pretty well from what people see on the news.   Canada has had a lot of time to adjust to same-sex marriage and to enact laws to protect same-sex couples from so-called “hate speech.”   The United States, however, has not had much time for the people to adjust to the idea same-sex marriage, and that was demonstrated in this year’s elections.   The bottom line is that the United States of America is ready to allow civil unions as it is transitioning but is not ready socially, culturally, or civilly to allow same-sex marriages.
            So, What is Marriage?   Bill Clinton, a Democratic president from 1992-2000, passed a law from Congress that defined marriage as a joining of one man and one woman in matrimony.   Marriage is composed of three parts.   There is a civil, social, and theological level.   Our current president, the Honorable George W. Bush, stated that he would accept the joining of same-sex couples under civil unions but not marriage.   If the homosexual community gets that much, then where is the problem?   They want the benefits of a traditional marriage under law with an alternative form.   This includes the following: assumption of spouse’s pension, insurance breaks, sick leave to care for partners, tax breaks, etc.   This is why they are trying to get civil marriages even when the nation is not ready.   This struggle has been going on for only a few decades, approximately 4 or so.
            The nation as a whole is not ready socially.   Of the population in the United States less than 4% of the population is a homosexual according to research findings by the Family Research Institute (“The Numbers Game…” sec. V. Part C2a.) The remaining 96% have had a little less than 40 or so years to begin to see...

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