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America: The Land Of The Free? Essay

  • Submitted by: jlarry
  • on December 5, 2011
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America: The Land of the Free?

This is a question with a million different answers.   Do I think that America is completely free? No, I do not believe that I would. Racism and discrimination still run crazy in the United States. My definition of free would be without worry or fear for your safety, but many people do not have this luxury. We take it for granted how much freedom we actually receive and how many people in our country do not have that same privilege.   Freedom is not given to prisoners, dogs at a kennel, or victims of human trafficking. All these things and much more happen here in the United States. Where is the freedom in that? Most people do not see the horrible way some people may lose their freedom, or maybe they choose to not see. I am in no means saying that some of these people may not deserve to lose their freedom, but not all of them do.   Prisoners have had to have done something to get them in prison, so they would likely deserve the sentence handed down.   On the other hand, the dogs at a kennel and the victims of human trafficking definitely do not deserve to forcefully lose their freedom.
For most animals, life is care-free and easy. They play, eat, and sleep all day. Sounds like a wonderful life. Well, those dogs probably feel like freedom is beyond that fence and past their loving owner’s house. At the same time we have a dog that has been locked in a cage at the local humane society for a couple years. There is no one giving attention, extra treats, and good praise. Just the same drill every day, watch people walk by and say how cute they are but never actually taking them home.   That dog is going to feel like freedom is exactly what the first dog already has.   Who’s to say which dog is right? You can definitely tell which dog has the least amount of freedom, but both dogs feel trapped in their own way. I guess, technically, this means that America cannot be free if neither one of these dogs has achieved their view of freedom....

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