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american beauty Essay

  • Submitted by: adamsdamik
  • on December 12, 2008
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American Beauty: A closer look at pursuing happiness
The pursuit of happiness, as a personal definition is one’s god given right to commit actions in pursuit of one’s happiness. There are not many films that can achieve a high level of quality as “American Beauty” exhibited. The film is very enlightening and is relevant drama to modern American life. To understand each character’s pursuit of happiness you must take a deeper look into the film. Each character pursued happiness in their own way. For true appreciation of this film you must “look closer.”Every scene contained metamorphic elements that created a mood and felling for each pursuit of happiness.
The main character of the movie Lester Burnham (played by Kevin Spacey) is 42 years old and in what seems like to be amid-life crisis. Lester is the character that most people can relate to, he has a steady job, and a nice house in suburbia and what seems to be a loving family. However, he hates his job, has marital problems and has feelings of depression and hopelessness. In the beginning of the movies a great example of this is given, “And in a way I’m dead already both my wife and daughter think I’m this gigantic loser, and their right.”(American Beauty). As the film continues it is clear that things are not as they seem. Lester becomes sexually obsessed with his daughter’s teenage friend Angela through his dreams. After hearing Angela say if he worked out a bit she would 9screw him, (American Beauty). Lester begins his pursuit of happiness, he begin working out to appear more attractive. Lester also quits his job for one with the least amount of responsibility, smokes marijuana and stops taking crap from his wife. Lester began this pursuit of these things that are making him happy; not knowing it would all soon be over.
Carolyn Burnham (played by Annette Bening), a real estate agent, constant nagger and materialistic woman is the complete opposite of her husband. The best example of her materialism is when...

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