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American Dream Essay

  • Submitted by: nhoclongnhong89
  • on February 28, 2011
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "American Dream" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

So many people say the phrase “American dream”, which means the United State is a perfect place to dwell just as dreaming. Believing that living in America, they will have one of the best condition lifestyle in the world such as high technology, famous education, and good health care; moreover, everybody are easy to get more opportunities, including good jobs with high salary. In fact, it is not. A lot of disadvantage still exists in American life including senseless society, depressing life, severe weather, and violence.

Living in America, the highest technology country in the world, everybody is accustomed to using modern media such as satellite television, high speed internet, or wireless network. However, the more people use these media, the more senseless they become. For instance, everyday, by watching television, reading newspaper or wondering around the internet, viewers can easily see a lot of accident, violence in their life including car crash, raping, argument, and gun shot; moreover, they always hear about poverty, disease, flood, dwarf which still exist in somewhere else in the world. Gradually, everybody become used to them. Then finally, he neglects these things as if they were some normal events in his life. He does not care or express so much emotion about what he hears. To him, these disasters are just news. Furthermore, another reason is that American is a multicultural nation. A lot of ethics live in here such as African, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, etc. Some of them are so discriminated. All they care is just about their ethics by helping their people, ignoring or even demolishing the others.   Living in a country lacking of emotions like this is called a perfect dreaming life, isn’t it?

In addition, American is a competitive country. Everyone can have his own chance to be successful so that if he wants to have a good job with high salary, he must try hard to get this one, and tries more to keep it, especially in the recession...

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