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American Indians and Identity Essay

  • Submitted by: brrighthand
  • on December 7, 2008
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Forming an American Indian Identity:
The Native American Nations

From early settlement through the Civil War, America since its beginning has been a scene of wide-spread revolution.   From reshaping the land by establishing properties, to controlling it’s inhabitants, forcibly or by treaty, the country endured extreme alterations from its once untamed façade.   However, the America that greeted the first Europeans was, in fact, far from an empty wilderness.   The vast tract of wilderness from the Mississippi to the Atlantic, and from the Carolinas to Hudson's Bay, was divided between two great families of tribes, distinguished by a radical difference of language.   A part of Virginia and of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Southeastern New York, New England, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Lower Canada were occupied, so far as occupied at all, by tribes speaking various Algonquin languages and dialects.   They extended, moreover, along the shores of the Upper Lakes, and into the dreary Northern wastes beyond.   They held Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana, and detached bands ranged the lonely hunting-round of Kentucky.   Like a great island in the midst of the Algonquins lay the country of tribes speaking the generic tongue of the Iroquois.   The true Iroquois, or Five Nations, extended through Central New York, from the Hudson to the Genesee.   Southward lay the Andastes, on and near the Susquehanna; westward, the Eries, along the southern shore of Lake Erie, and the Neutral Nation, along its northern shore from Niagara towards the Detroit; while the towns of the Hurons lay near the lake to which they have left their name.
[To the above general statements there was, in the first half of the seventeenth century, but one exception worth notice. A detached branch of the Dahcotah stock, the Winnebago, was established south of Green Bay, on Lake Michigan, in the midst of Algonquins; and small Dahcotah bands had also planted themselves on the eastern side of the...

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