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American Paradox Essay

  • Submitted by: adrianagalvan
  • on February 26, 2011
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Why Can’t Men and Women Be Equal?
There are many different stereotypes about women. Women cannot play sports, should be the only ones to cook and clean, have to take care of the man and are less aggressive and more approachable. There are many examples of these stereotypes. They are referred to as “stereotypes” because in “The Office” season one episode five, the women are not allowed to play basketball because Michael, their boss, thinks that it will hurt the team if he lets them play, but in the end, Phyllis joins the team and makes the winning shot. In this way, “The Office, season one episode five, supports the stereotypes of women by accusing them of being less athletic, less aggressive and asking them to be cheerleaders instead.
Firstly, Michael decides to play the warehouse men in a basketball game. He makes a team with some of the salesmen. Phyllis, a saleswoman, tells Michael that she wants to play. She acknowledges that it is just for fun and would like to play. Michael automatically tells her no and that it would be horrible. Michael is stereotyping women as less athletic by not letting them play because he thinks it will hurt the team. It is ironic because in the end, Phyllis joins the team, makes a basket and scores the winning point. Almost as if he knew he was wrong, he celebrates her score and brags about it to the other team. It is ironic, in general, to see these stereotypes because there are women athletes that are just as, if not more, successful than men.   For example, the professional tennis players that have been since their teenage years, Venus and Serena Williams. Currently, they are part-owners of the Miami Dolphins.
In this same way, Michael is stereotyping women as less strategic. In this episode, he explains that football is more like rock music, aggressive, and basketball is more like jazz, smooth and strategic almost to get from one end to the other avoiding others trying to grab the ball. As he goes back and forth with the...

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