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Americas Environmental Responsibilities Essay

  • Submitted by: sfogarty
  • on March 2, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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Environment America

The earth and its many valuable resources are depleting before our very eyes, and we as human beings are responsible for Mother Earth’s imminent demise. The earth is running out of essential resources that we as human beings need in order to survive and keep the human race alive and reproducing. As humans we are continually using mass amounts of resources that can not be replaced. These resources when used in these high amounts are in fact poisonous to our ozone and the environment in whole. As human beings we all have a duty, an obligation to protect our earth and make sure that our planet is still habitable in ten, fifty and even three hundred years from now. Small individual changes are not going to make a difference to this colossal problem that is facing our world. We need a solution that fits the magnitude of the problem. We as a human race need to step up and make the hard decisions and stand behind them. Little solutions are just prolonging the inevitable and before long it will be too late to enact a solution that will save our planet.  
We need to take a detailed look at the world that we all have to call home, and realize that some more than others are destroying the environment at alarming rates and have no plans to stop. Sure, they have these “projects” to help save the environment, these hybrid cars and list after list of products that are harmful to the environment. But these advances are too little and too late. They are not making up for the destruction they have made. These Americans were once the leaders of the world in everything from military forces and economic growth but have now, just lead in environmental pollution. Times have changed and America is no longer the all-mighty untouchable power that it once was. Other countries are beginning to take the lead in things such as economic growth, military power and scientific research. America however still holds the crown for the most resource consumption. America has...

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