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Amistad Essay

  • Submitted by: joe1975
  • on December 6, 2011
  • Category: History
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Amistad was a movie about real events that took place in real life. A large group of slaves was taken from their families and their home lands and put on a ship. Amistad is actually the name of the ship they were held and sailed away on. They took control over the ship at one point but were captured by the Americans and held in jail. At that time the president did not want to let them free, he wanted to send them back to Cuba. Spain claimed that the slave were theirs and the now “Amistad Committee” wanted to defend them and help them get their freedom back. The Africans were defended by the Amistad Committee which included Lewis Tapper, Theodore Joadson, and their lawyer Roger Baldwin. It was hard to communicate with the Africans because they did not speak a work of English. Everyone thought of them as being violent savages. Later they were able to understand numbers from their language. They used that as bait, calling them out on the streets until finally someone understood the language. A man named James Covey who was once an African slave then freed and knew English helped translate between the Africans and Americans. They were then able to understand where they came from and their story. After people heard their story they began to think of the Africans as victims and were treated very harshly fighting for their freedom. If the Amistad Committee people did not take on their case and think they were innocent, the Africans would have been dead. But because of the Amistad Committee they were able to take a stand and correct the wrong doings therefore allowing it to not effect our society. Later on the prosecutor verses the Amistad Committee, this was a very big trial. The Africans were on trial for murder but the charges were dropped because the murders had nothing to do with the United States. The big issue was where the slaves should go because Spain claimed the slaves to be theirs. Two Cuban men, Ruiz and Monies claimed that the slaves were theirs, while Roger...

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