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&Amp;Quot;Low Wages, Strong Backs&Amp;Quot; Essay

  • Submitted by: luckyman13
  • on December 15, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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The struggles people working minimum wage jobs have to go through to just survive was never so clear to me till I read Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich. Throughout the book she tells of her journeys through working minimum wage jobs trying to make end meet. She travels around to Florida, Maine, and Minnesota working various minimum wage jobs while studying her co-workers and how their lives are affected by how much they make. She observes a lot of thing like race is a big factor in the jobs a person may get hired for and also what working minimum wage jobs do to a person both physically and mentally.
Throughout her journeys from job to job she comes across the “working poor” and at times can consider herself to be a part of the “working poor”. The working poor are people who work but still live below the poverty line. These are people that work minimum wage jobs mostly because it’s the best they can do for themselves given their education and background or just because of where they live. People in the working poor struggle to make ends meet some may not have a place to sleep or food to eat. At Barbara’s first job as a waitress one of the fellow waitresses can be considered “working poor” because she is living out of her car and can’t find a place to stay because her job does not pay her enough. Another time she experiences herself as working poor when she is working seven days a week a still doesn’t have enough money for food so she must resort to going to the food bank. It takes many calls for her to find a food bank that is open when she isn’t working and when she finally does find one she has no use for most of the stuff they gave her so the next day she drops it off at another food bank.

    Throughout her travels she also comes across issues about race and how that can affect thing like the types of jobs you can get easier than others. The first job she gets is at a hotel where the restaurant was recommended to her because she was white. She...

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