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An Overview Of Latvia

  • Submitted by: andrisb
  • on March 1, 2011
  • Category: History
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Employee Motivation

As supervisor of the piston casting operation, Ford Motor Company Engine Plant in Cleveland, Ohio, I would tread very carefully when handling the 10% reduction of my work force.   I say this because of the AFL-CIO.   I will need to be able to show cause as to why the 26 people that I have to lay-off were chosen.
I would need a plan that I could present to my employees that they would consider as fair and unbiased.   At the same time it would need to be efficient.   This reduction in my labor force, while no dead-line is given for when the 10% reduction must be done by, the fact that it is being mandated says that it should happen soon.
My plan is such; I will closely monitor work ethic first of all.   Track who is coming in late and whose not.   Check for people who take extra time for lunch, see who spends the first 15 or 20 minutes of their day chatting with fellow employees, or getting coffee and such things after having clocked in.  
Furthermore I will track productivity for each employee.   See if there are any workers who are slowing down the process, and then try to find out what is the cause.   Is there a problem with the manufacturing process that is causing the delays?   Is there something that the employees need in order to be able to do their jobs quicker?   Does this employee have a physical impairment that is affecting his or her efficiency? Are the people whose productivity is down the same ones who are coming in late, wasting time, and goofing off?
In a meeting with all of my employees I would outline this plan.   I would set it up for a 3 week first round.   Starting off everyone would be starting with a clean slate.   I will inform them that they need to be certain to clock-in in a timely manner.   That I will be watching and documenting peoples work habits.   So they waste a lot of time talking with fellow employees when they should be working, do they always get back from breaks late?   I will also be monitoring productivity numbers...

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