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  • on February 23, 2011
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barb connor
Professor lucie
February 6th 2011
“If this is your fountain of youth…This is your beer”
Have you ever wondered why beer advertisements always contain good looking people? A magazine advertisement contains symbolic messages in an attempt to reach their target audience. An enormous amount of thought and effort goes into advertisements with hope that a potential consumer will glance at it and grab their attention.   I’m going to take a deeper look into this Michelob Ultra advertisement and what they are conveying to the consumers.   This specific ad appears to portray that the man in the ad is a well fit and active athlete who likes to enjoy an occasional beer. With this ad a viewer gets the impression that drinking Michelob Ultra beer there will be no worries about gaining the extra carbs keeping you an athlete. What this ad is trying to do is convince the viewers that if you want to be good looking, well toned and a healthy athlete then you must go with Michelob Ultra. The advertisement accomplishes this commentary through the advertisement technique being used, as well as the anticipated audience and through its remarkable design and layout.
First I will describe to you what this advertisement has to show us. A middle aged, well-toned, attractive swimmer is climbing out of a pool, written below him are the words “If this is your fountain of your” and then diagonal to him is a bottle of beer with a glass cup beside it filled to the rim with the slogan underneath “this is your beer.” Another slogan on this advertisement is at the very top that reads, “Lose the carbs. Not the taste.” The main focus of this ad is the action shot of the male swimmer, splashing water out of the pool, taking up more than half the page. He is a well fit and healthy athlete, showing off his swimmer’s physique, happy about the “smart” choice he made by choosing to drink Michelob Ultra.
Giving this, it is easily seen that this advertisement went with the...

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