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Analysis Of The Text Aspects Of Imagery

  • Submitted by: Larue
  • on March 3, 2011
  • Category: English
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Analysis of the text Aspects of Imagery
The text is centered on imagery. Its main message is to make the reader acquaintanted with this notion and clarify somehow its meaning. The text is also aimed to mark the role of imagery in a language. It represents different stages in the development of approaches of imagery.
The first thing to be noticed is that this text is rather formal, it is intended to prepared reader and requires some background knowledge.
Concerning the lexis of this text, there are a lot of nouns especially terms proper (for example, figurative language, metaphor, symbol, allegory, term, etc.) which are not explained, but they are given reference and a lot of general terms (theories, studies, property). There are many words of French origin (for example, investigation, manifestation, consideration, etc.) and highly literary nouns are present (tantamount, ubiquity) which adds complexity to the style. Nouns are used with attributes which also marks complexity. But there is kind of a balance between nouns and verbs in this text. The latter are very important because they play the role of link-words. Adjectives used in the text (always, traditionally, frequently, chiefly) are very meaningful as they help to attract and sustain the reader’s attention and they reveal the author’s point of view, so they also reveal the presence of the author in the text. The semantic fields of this text (for example, theories, studies, fields, attribute, approach or consider, describe, understand) make it clear what the text is about and how the notion imagery should be understood.
Turning to the syntax, it is highly represented with long, complex sentences with lots of clauses. The main type of connection between clauses is subordination, and within a sentence – parataxis (asyndeton) (With aesthetic effect being one of the main considerations…).     Phrase structure is rather complex, there are many attributive structures (Considered as an exclusive…, to qualify as a...

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