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Analytical Comparison Of The Documentaries: Essay

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  • on July 27, 2009
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Making documentaries is a rather tough task in my opinion. It requires a lot of research as well as will power. Stalin being such a contradictory figure in world history makes it even tougher to portray his true character in a film. The great dictator’s actions represent the various dimensions of life. The lives of such rulers are fully bound with assumptions, myths, and corruption. Joseph Stalin’s life was also filled with the above ideologies as he was a crude dictator.
The first documentary, which is Stalin Declassified, was partly a success since it was very profitable for the makers. Although it lacked the essential facts required for making a video about Stalin and only based his life on him being a stereotype. This was only meant for the general public and not for the Historians.
Declassified was full of auditory and visual effects such as impressive quotations, commendable videos, various statistics and contrasting color effects. I think it was made for the sole purpose of gaining profit that is why all these cinematographical elements have been used. They didn’t pay much attention to the main purpose of making a historical video which is putting across the key facts of the subject at hand. These makers didn’t look into the topic in depth and kept on repetitively screening the same ideas. This is how they saved on the extra costs of researching about the topic. Thus we can safely conclude that the video, Stalin-Declassified was a good video in the technological part of it but it was deficient in having the core facts which is a fundamental requirement for portraying such historic documentaries.
Conversely, Joseph Stalin-The Real History clearly depicted the facts that Declassified immensely lacked. It was a rather eye-soothing visual representation of Stalin’s characteristics, his life history and his affairs with his allies and social family. This video is concentrated more on the fundamental historical facts rather than solely basing it on the...

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