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Ancient Egypt Essay

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  • on December 15, 2008
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Ancient Egypt

Egypt was one of the ancient world’s first advanced civilizations.   Egypt’s civilization was developed on the fertile Delta near the Nile River.   The Egyptian society was a very sophisticated one.   Some of the technology and artistic techniques developed by ancient Egyptian society are still used today.   Egyptian culture, technology, and politics were all very important aspects of daily life.  
The Egyptian society was a very advanced one and formed a pyramid.   The royal family, including the king and queen, stood at the top.   The other members of the upper class which included wealthy landowners, priests, government officials, and army commanders were below them.   The next level of the pyramid was the middle class which included artisans and merchants.   The bottom of the pyramid was the lower class.   This was the largest class consisting of peasant farmers and unskilled laborers.   A very interesting thing about Egyptian society was that you could rise above their class by marriage or success in their jobs and women had the same rights as men.   The unskilled laborers of the lower class played an important role in building the great pyramids.
The great pyramids were only one of the many examples of the Egyptians’ advanced technology.   Egypt’s skilled engineers and architects used their knowledge of math to help them design and build the pyramids and palaces.   The first architects to use stone columns when building homes, palaces and temples were the Egyptians.   The Egyptians developed a very advanced calendar that is almost identical to the calendar that is used all around the world today.   The Egyptian calendar had 365 days in it and the year was divided into 12 months of 30 days each, with five days of holidays and feasting.   The great pyramids were built as tombs for the Pharaohs.
The Pharaohs were the rulers of Egypt and they were considered gods.   By 3200 B.C. the villages of Egypt were under the rule of two separate kingdoms.   These...

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