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andrew jackson Essay

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After the 14 mounth war that was already going on between America and its mouther country Britain, and the growing amount of blood shed in the colonies. It was inevitable that the Second Continental Congress would declare independence from Britian. There were many reasons for the Second Continental to secede from Britain such as battles like the one at Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, and the battle for New York. Also that the rebelious colonist were not excepting the taxes such as the tea act, stamp act, and the quatering act. These ran into problems with the British soliders stationed in the colonies and caused events such as the Boston Massacre, and it also caused problems such as the Boston teaparty.Another significent reason is the Olive branch petition which King George refused to read
The battles that happned in the colonies was a great reason that makes this statement true. After The first battle at Lexington and Concord they still had a chance to unite back togeather, but the later battles in the war made it close to impossible for the collinies to reunite. But the amount of casulaties and bloodshed in later battles such as Bunker hill which there were over a thousand British casulaties and 311 militia men made it even more difficult for the british and the colonist to reunite. But the battle that is the last straw is the battle for New York which General Howe led a force of 32,000 men, over 500 boats to try and capture Long Island. George washington was able to round up 23,000 poorly trained colonist to defend the city. His attempt failed and the 8,000 men that survived the on slaughter fled down the Hudson River. With this on slaughter just after the Declaration of Independence there was no chance of reuniteing the governments, it showed that the colonist needed help to win this war.
Another thing that made it inevitable for the second continental congerss to suceed from Britian was the taxing from the British on the colonist after the French and...

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