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Andy Warhol Essay

  • Submitted by: jlamb
  • on December 4, 2011
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Writing Experience 131.73
Reaction Essay
November 28, 2011

“Unseasoned vs. Seasoned”
      Growing up we dread growing old for the simple fact of the way we will look, wrinkles, and the thought of not being able to take care of ourselves alone. The first thing that comes to mind when we think of getting old is being put in a nursing home and having a complete stranger taking care of us, bathing us, clothing us, and making sure we are fed. The one thing that we fail to recognize is the lack of respect received from the outside community just because of our age. The article titled “Old Before Her Time”, written by Katherine Barrett, focuses on the way the elderly are perceived and treated just because of one simple fact; they are old in age. A study was done by Patty Moore where she transformed herself from a 26-year-old woman to an 85-year-old elderly woman to experience what life was like for an elderly person in today’s society.   It is unfair for any person, let alone an elderly person to be mistreated, physically abused, or emotionally distraught just because another day is passing by in their lives to make them one more day older than yesterday.
The most disturbing lesson learned by completing this study would be lesson number two: “The fear of crime is paralyzing.” (494). Who on earth would ever want to physically hurt or attack someone just because they are old? This is the reason why the elderly are afraid to leave their homes or even go for a walk outside for much needed exercise. Young adults target them because they are defenseless. “...they were imprisoned by their fear. That’s when the bolts go on the door. That’s when people starve themselves because they’re afraid to go to the grocery store.” (494). Just because people grow old does not mean that they should fear facing their daily lives of what might happen if they step foot outside of their home.
It is hard for an elderly person to function in today’s society. The change in technology...

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