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Anima Essay

  • Submitted by: scarlettvendetta
  • on February 28, 2011
  • Category: English
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I noticed that there are many anima characters in the story "East of the Sun, West of the Moon": the White Bear, the Mother, the Daughter, and the Long-Nosed Princess, but the anima who emerged victorious (and this was most noticeable) was the Daughter.

Perhaps it is not the right word to use, but I found the story quite ironic because the Daughter symbolized the hero archetype (which is often used in male characters), and the White Bear symbolized the damsel in distress (often used in female archetypes). Another "ironic" concept was the symbolic archetype of light versus darkness. Usually, light suggests renewal or intellectual illumination while darkness implies despair, but in the story, the Bear (beast) appears during the day, and changes back into the Prince (obviously the positive side of the persona) at night.

However, what is amazing about this story is it has a hint of irony and a hint of coherence/connection. While it is true that it ironic that the Prince appears in daytime (light), which is supposed to suggest/bring out a positive vibe, it is also very true in real life that the shadow only appears when there is light.

Now, focusing on the Daughter, there is also a concept of coherence to real life. We are all familiar with the saying "Learn from your mistakes.", and this motto is embodied by the Daughter. This is how she became victorious.

In the story, the Daughter was with the White Bear (who represents the friendly beast at that time). When they were in the castle, the Daughter wished to visit her parents, so the White Bear let him; but he warned her not to talk alone with her mother for this will bring bad luck to both of them. So when the Daughter visited her family, she avoided every circumstance that can lead to her talking alone with her mother, but somehow her mother always seemed to bring up the topic, so she gave in. Her mother gave her advice on how to discover the true identity of the White Bear, so when she came back to...

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