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Anima And Animus Essay

  • Submitted by: gabrielko
  • on March 2, 2011
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Lyselle Abelo



The concept of anima and animus according to Carl Jung is about the unconscious feminine component of men and unconscious masculine component of women. The word anima is more lately derived and may be the matter of going back and adding a feminine Latin ending to animus, to become anima. This represents the inner female found within the psyche of a male. The word animus in Latin means soul, spirit or courage. You can see that if we use the word "animosity" to mean "bitter hostility or open enmity; active hatred", as according to the dictionary, then the "courage" aspect of the animus or soul is being emphasized and has "gone wrong". This is a key to understanding the woman's animus, her inner male. According to Jung anima and animus acts as guides to the unconscious unified self, and forming an awareness and a connection with the anima or animus is one of the most difficult and rewarding steps in psychological growth. Jung also said that we are sometimes immediately attracted to certain strangers because we our anima and animus in them. He said that love at first sight is one example of anima and animus projection.

Jung focused more on the male's anima and wrote less about the female's animus. Jung believed that every woman has an analogous animus within her psyche, this being a set of unconscious masculine attributes and potentials. He viewed the animus as being more complex than the anima, postulating that women have a host of animus images while the male anima consists only of one dominant image. Jung stated that there are four parallel levels of animus development in a female. The animus first appears as a personification of mere physical power for instance as an athletic champion or muscle man, such as 'the fictional jungle hero Tarzan. In the next phase, the animus possesses initiative and the capacity for planned action the romantic man the 19th century British poet Shelley; or the man of action America's...

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