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ANIMAL farm Essay

  • Submitted by: youngkuickc
  • on December 5, 2008
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Mohammhad 1
Propaganda in Animal Farm
Through Boxer more clearly than through any other character George Orwell explains propaganda by him the most. Another thing that Boxer and today’s society have in common is that the powerless people are subject to propaganda. Boxer shows dedication, loyalty, and a huge capacity for labor. Because theses strengths are fully exploited, George Orwell shows propaganda used on Boxer very clearly. Being so naïve Boxer was able to be used and fell into propaganda so easily, trusting every word Napoleon said and not being able to recognize the most upfront problems of political corruption “Napoleon is always right” (66).   Showing dedication and other characteristics of a good worker, Boxer was shown by George Orwell as the invisible problems of political drama of higher power. George Orwell gives a lot of hidden details of being able to use Boxer and shows how he sympathetically represents the propaganda used in the exploited workers.
Dedication is something Boxer is and is well good for and not just said to be, as when he says “I will work harder” (66) Explaining the hard working and exploited workers, George Orwell shows how being a hard worker in an oppressed society comes out on top but propaganda is used to rearrange things. Boxer works hard and gives it his all and no matter how the conditions are, Boxer still gives it his all and works hard to represent himself, but the pigs abuse their power and oppress the workers. He is used and abused by the pigs more than he was by Jones. Napoleons used propaganda by telling Boxer and the animals that Snowball was a traitor, and convincing them that he was a criminal. Being so naïve Boxer sort of believed this and pushed himself to work harder on the windmill. The scene that illustrates
Mohammhad 2
this is that Animal Farm is a story about human nature, as it is a human tendency to use people to achieve certain means, propaganda.
Loyalty, a big factor in the story Animal Farm is...

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