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Animal Fur Essay

  • Submitted by: jaysmummyx
  • on February 23, 2011
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Should animals be used for fashion?

Should animals be used in the name of fashion? No! This is highly unnecessary in my opinion and should most definitely be banned. No one in the right mind would cause this stress, pain and suffering to their own animals so why do people insist in encouraging death on animals for the sake of fashion. In my eyes these people do not have hearts and are sick in the head. People who buy even a tiny trim of fur are supporting this cruel industry.

Fur farms in China produce eighty five percent of the industries skinned animals, these animals are kept in horrific conditions, animal upon animal are stuffed like turkey into small wire cages were they can barley take two steps and are prevented from doing normal day to day things such as a short walk, running and having fun, these animals are mentally drove insane under these shocking conditions, these conditions also drive the animals to circle endlessly, bite their skin and even attack the other animals sharing the cage, there is no punishment in China for this cruelty to the animals and in my eyes this should be raised as a major issue.

Before the animals are brought to their death bed the animals are grabbed from their cages and slammed off the ground and beaten with a bat, I can’t imagine how this must feel these animals die a slow and painful death, some of these animals are disturbingly skinned alive, if these animals try to protect themselves their necks are stamped on like a beetle on the ground. Soon after these animals are skinned they are thrown on to a pile of animals who have sadly went before them some of these animals are still alive slowly blinking with puppy like eyes because they know their close to death.

Although most of the animals used for fur come from fur farms the rest are killed in the wild by trappers, there is a variety of different traps used to capture the animals one of the traps used is called a steal-jaw trap which snaps shut on the limb causing...

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