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Animal Testing Essay

  • Submitted by: holly9625
  • on February 24, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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As the need for new treatments arise, the use of animals for research increases. Animal testing has always been an important part of scientific and medical advances. Though experimenting on animals may provide data important for research on new medicines, cosmetics, and household products, experimental cats, dogs, and primates face intolerable cruelty inside the laboratory.   Does it seem fair   to kill a dog just to create a longer lasting hair dye? Scientists have no right to take advantage of innocent animals who have no way to resist subjection to the painful and deathly experimentation to test a new drug.
According to Rebecca Bennet, each year in the United States, an estimated 70 million animals are blinded, scalded, force fed chemicals, genetically manipulated, or otherwise hurt and killed in the name of science.   Dr. A. Sabin, the developer of the oral polio vaccine, states “Giving cancer to laboratory animals has not and will not help to understand the disease or treat those persons suffering from it.”   Although testing chemicals and drugs on animals helps scientists to learn about the reaction and whether it is safe or not, the reaction animals have are very different from how a human will react to a certain chemical or drug and do not accurately portray their influence on humans.   The way one species reacts to a given drug or chemical in a particular way does not necessarily entail other species will react in the same way. (Alternatives to Animal testing on the web: FAQs) In some cases, testing on animals can lead medicine further and further from a real cure.   “What progress has been made in the study of AIDS?   Animals are still being used for experiments even though they are not capable of developing the AIDS virus.   The development of those lifesaving protease inhibitors was initially delayed because of the misleading data that came out of the experiments on monkeys.” (Natasha Bantwal) Harming animals by testing chemicals and drugs on them is not...

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