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Anthroplogy Essay

  • Submitted by: janety
  • on March 1, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Anthroplogy" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

ANTHRO(adaptation process): social change: de to the fact that cultures are constantly changing organisms slowly. 3 sources: invention, discovery, diffusion... ACCULTURATION: from 2 cult. in constant contact w/ e.o...why? ppl freely "borrow"   items from other cultures, esp ones they have prolonged contact with...ex) the inuit in can. now use snowmob rather than dogsleds...CULTURAL EVOLUTION: cultures go through series of "predictable stages" as they "evolve"..why? ppl move to less more sophisticated cultures (due to tech advances)..eg-internet is now avail. in places liek portugal... DIFFUSION: spreading of ideas, tools, and methods from 1 culture to another.. why? ppl learn from others and want to try what othrs have..ex) tobacco smking was learned from nrth amer aborig ppl and to eurpe, afr, and rest of world.. ex) sports: soccer which began in Europe and spread to whole world.. DIRECTED CHNGE: change that is forced upon a "defeated ppl"..why? ppl are forced to adopt chnge that is imposed upon them by conquerers..ex) quebec lang. laws forcing immigr. to attend French lang schools... INCORPORATION: the resultant affect of acculturation. why? ppl use "borrowed item" obtained from cultural cntct and make it part of own culture.. ex) foods orig in other countries- Ind Curry Houses in London..
PSYCHOLOGY (models of behaviour: social change: caused by chnges in behav of many indiv... why chnge minds? indiv desire "cognitive consistency" in belief (want to ignore conflicts and live happy).. BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION (Skinner): why? ppl repeat behav for which they are rewarded and avoid bevhav that get them punished....ex) humans learn on this principle. we seek + reinforcement and avoid neg esp doing well in skool... GENDER RELATIONSHIP(woodman): why? men and women need to abandon the patriarchal sys so they can create new creative apprch to solve personal needs.. ex) modern medicine needs to be less scientific and more creative in apprch to healing... HEIRARCHY OF HUMAN...

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