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Anti-Abortion Essay

  • Submitted by: Dweezyccs33
  • on December 4, 2008
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Damon Dunbar
Eng 090
  Why should it be ok for a woman to kill but not a murderer on death row? Abortion is glorified murder and a way out of responsibility! Abortion is wrong in so many ways although some women do it because they are raped studies show that a pregnancy is rare, many women do not realize that the child inside them develops living characteristics, and also some women start to develop a post abortion syndrome which causes emotional damage.
Abortions are done because of rape but it is not common, it is actually rare in the United States.   The justice department from year 1973 to year 1987, shows that the completion of rapes decreased through the years from 181,016 in 1973 to 155,667 in 1987.   Studies also show that 1 out of 1000 rapes end with a pregnancy.   Rape is a violent act and women sometimes have an abortion due to the trauma they have endured instead of seeking psychological help. Pregnancies caused by rape are shown to be rare and has been hidden by the media and pro abortionists.
A common myth of abortion is that all that is being destroyed is an embryo or tissue, but it is actually a child with internal heartbeat.   Many people do not know this but the baby inside the womb actually develops the heartbeat after twenty one days.   Some say it is just a beating heart and nothing more but the baby’s brain waves start to develop after forty days so it is thinking human.   People think that the baby can’t live if it was outside the womb but it can actually live   up to twenty weeks outside the womb if it was a just a embryo it surely wouldn’t be able to do so. If it is able to live outside of the womb so long why is it ok to take the life of the child.
After abortions some women slip into depression, are guilt ridden and have upset thinking due to an abortion this is called Post Abortion Syndrome.   Suicide is the ultimate end to this syndrome as it causes a woman severe distress because of abortion.   PAS has...

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