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anti bitch and jerk Essay

  • Submitted by: nsrlbngcu14
  • on May 26, 2008
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sometimes in life, you find that you're surrounded by a lot of friends. you think it's nice to have people around you, to share your ups and down, to accompany you throughout your moments of solitude, to be able to laugh your sorrows off and smile at the beautiful things that happen in your life. you're so glad that you aren't alone.

yes, no man is an island. we do need friends to keep our live moving on. we needs friends who are trustworthy, who are real to us, and not just treating us nice on the surface, but deep inside they hold grudges on us. if we happen to have friends who backstab us behind due to any circumstances, we're definitely better off without them. these people aren't worth the friendship. we should not even shed a drop of tear for them just because we're disappointed in the way they treat us.

my mum used to tell me, it's better to have one trustworthy friend rather than a group of fake plastic friends who will let us down at the end of the day. you wouldn't know what's on their minds. this moment they'll treat you like a good friend of theirs, but the next second, they make you feel as if you're nothing to them.

should you encounter such bad experience, by all means, stay away from these people and start life anew. don't ever feel hurt by the way they treat you. you never know, maybe someday out of the blue, you'll meet someone better, someone who deserves your friendship so much more than these useless assholes.

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