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antigone Essay

  • Submitted by: john dattilo
  • on December 9, 2008
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In the play Antigone, with the author Sophocles, evidence is given throughout the story. When people get too proud of themselves, it can lead to catastrophic events. In this play Antigone and Creon are often looked down upon for their pride. Both of these characters express pride throughout the story.
Creon often seems to be full of himself in this play. He made the choice not bury Polyneices because Creon saw him as a traitor.   When Polyneices’ family heard of this they were enraged, especially his sister Antigone. Creon will not let a lower authority tell him what is right or not. He feels that his laws are above that of any other. He doesn’t care how Antigone and the rest of her family feel because he thinks that it is the right thing to do. “My voice is the one voice giving orders in this city!” (Sophocles, 751). In this quote Creon takes pride in his position as king, and stands firm when his son tries reasoning with him.
Antigone also takes pride in herself because she wants people to know what good she is doing. She claims that she is doing this because it’s what the gods want, but she didn’t need to be so open about it if that was her real reason. She is stubborn, and won’t stand down without a fight. Antigone is proud of her good dead, and wishes everyone to know about it. Creon hears of this and sentences her to death for disobeying his law.

These two people were proud and this was the reason for a lot of destruction in the kingdom of Thebes. Sophocles was right on the issue that pride can cause pain in lives for many. Antigone and Creon show this by having pride to an extent that it get many people killed.

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