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Apush Dbq Essay

  • Submitted by: Sam2012
  • on March 1, 2011
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As the American colonies faced more and more acts from Parliament, a “few” issues arose.   ONE SENTENCE IS NOT AN INTRODUCTION, PLEASE SET UP THE READER TO WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.   The two most important factors prompting the Americans to rebel in 1776 would be the restriction of civil liberties and laws regulating Parliamentary taxation, as the virtual representation in Parliament restricted the colonies abilities to represent themselves in any mater, while the civil restrictions made the colonists feel like slaves in their own homes.

  1) Parliamentary Taxation and its effects
        a. Stamp Act- First internal tax- Pay off war debt.
        b. Declaratory Acts- Repeal Stamp Act except the tea tax, also said they reserve the rights to tax you.
        c. Townshend Duties- Taxed the quasi-luxury items imported into the colonies.   i.e. paper, lead, tea, and paint.
        d. Tea Act- Tried to save East India Company, since it was hurt by the repealing of the Townshend Duties.   Tried to conceal taxes by lowering prices for British tea with reduced transportation costs.   Another attempt to pay off war debt.
        e. Intolerable Acts- Punishment for Boston Tea Party.   Closed the port of Boston, and made trials go to Britain.   Goes to (Civil liberties)
  2) Restriction on Civil Liberties and its effects
        a. Writs of Assistance- Unrestricted search warrants, search and seizure to enforce Navigation Acts
        b. Quartering Act- Forced colonies to house and feed British soldiers
  3) Connection to each other
        a. Taxation w/out Rep is a civil restriction
  4) How other choices intertwine with used choices
        a. Quartering Act and Writs of Assistance both are military actions and also civil restrictions.
  5) Conclusion

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