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Are You Staying On Course? Essay

  • Submitted by: awells86
  • on December 4, 2011
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1.   What were your intensions starting this semester?

I would have to say that becoming a better student was my intentions. I wanted to learn self-awareness. I also wanted to learn to take responsibility for my actions.   The GUST class has taught me to become an active learner, to develop self-acceptance, how to motivate myself, how to develop self-discipline, and so much more.

2.   How well have you carried out those intentions? What has been surprising, unexpected, or especially challenging?

So far so good.   I am surprised about how much fun coming back to school would be. I have made plenty of new friends/study buddies. I’m also surprised how well I’m doing in my algebra class. My reading class is unexpectedly hard. I have to stay completely on top of it, or I will easily get behind.

3. Write a separate paragraph for each of your classes, covering the following points:
A) Attendance and attention in class
1. Algebra- My attendance hasn’t been that great, I have missed 3 classes. I was sick.   My attention is always focused on my teacher and the bored. I have to make sure I pay extra attention so will learn the formulas better.
2. Writing- My attendance has been mediocre, I was sick for about 2 weeks. My attention in there is not completely focused on the teacher, I do tend to goof off in there, but I do make good grades.
3. Gust- My attendance has also been mediocre for the same reason.   From the point on I will never miss another class. I don’t like getting behind. My attention at first in that class pretty rowdy, but I caught myself acting immature and chose to act more mature and not talk nearly as much.
4. Reading- My attendance in that class is also mediocre.   I actually didn’t get too far behind and was able to catch up rather fast. My attention in that class is always focused on the teacher, I find her to be a really great teacher.

B) Keeping up-to-date with your reading

Algebra- I am ahead on my reading...

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