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Art of Asia Essay

  • Submitted by: danextbanks
  • on December 16, 2008
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Topic 1:

The   formative   influence   of   Song   dynasty   ceramics   on   Korean   ceramics   of   the   Koryo   dynasty  

is   manifested   in   the   Koryo   adoption   of   Chinese   vessel   shapes,   and   above   all,   the   celadon  

glaze   technique.   In   the   most   fruitful   of   forms   of   cultural   transmission,   however,   imitation   and  

transformation   go   hand   in   hand.   The   aim   of   this   comparison   is   to   articulate   the   ways   in  

which   Koryo   potters   adapted   foreign   models   to   their   own   use.   What   makes   the   Koryo  

celadon   in   the Metropolitan   uniquely   Korean?   Has   the   Korean   potter   remained   true   to   the  

spirit   of   the   Chinese   model?

In   Asian   culture,   pottery   was   very   important   in   terms   of   life   and   believes   in   what   people

believe   in.   This   goes   back   to   as   far   as   thousands   of   years   ago   when   people   used   the   pottery   that

they   made   as   for   daily   uses.   Vases   plays   an   important   role   to   the   culture   in   Asia ,   mainly   in  

Japan,   China,   and   Korea.   Most   of   early   pottery   started   in   China   then   moved   on   to   other   parts  

around   the   region.   This   particular   vase   that   was   made   in   China   during   the   Southern   Song   Dynasty

around   12th -13th   centuries,   have   a   simple   design   but   because   its   simple,   this   influence   other  

regions   to   used   this   as   something   to   learn   and   work   off   from   in   terms   of   certain   designs   and  

shapes   they   can   do   with   in   making   a   vase.

Korean   ceramics   basically   used   the   same   ground   work   as   Chinese   ceramics.   What   makes it  

different   is   that   Korean   ceramics   uses   designs   that   are   more   detail   and   sometimes   its   more   of   a

decorative   piece   than   for   regular   uses   in   daily   life.   For   example,   the   Maebyong   Vase   from   the

Koryo   Dynasty   (918-1392)   around   the   late   13th - early   14th   centuries   looks   like   this   vase   is   not...

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