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Asian Art Essay

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The guest speaker for class on April 8, 2009 was Jae Paik.   She presented a project she has been working on “Do U.S., Korean, French, and Taiwanese children benefit from the exposure to transparent fraction names?”, which gave a researched explanation on how children are easy to process language faster than adults and there were various ways to represent numbers.   I enjoyed the methods compared between these different cultures and how the children understand the number concept better taught through a different culture.
The presentation, which I believed help explain the reason for Jae Paik’s research, began with some background on the speaker’s life and how she was introduced to another language moving to America from Korea.   For example for Jae Paik there was different form in learning the multiplications.   Instead of learning it by numbers in Korea it is taught by a song.   In Asian countries the students attend school for 256 days, where in the United States the days of school are 180.   I believe the extra days in school give the children the opportunity to excel in school.   There are different methods of learning math in Korea and in Taiwan, when it comes to learning fractions east Asian countries will refer to a fraction to one four parts, one and in U.S it is referred to one-fourth.   The Asian method allows the students to learn more than just a fraction but also place value and building up the numbers, the American method confuses children.  
Every culture can benefit from the form of language that is explained when defining mathematical terminology.   The study shown by Jae Paik let the audience know that language has a big influence on how you learn.   When the test were given there were no guides to help the students understand the problem but when given the test the Asian culture still came with the better result.   Why? I believe that the way they are brought up and how school is very influential in the Asian countries.   The way students are taught...

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