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assasin Essay

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After my father was murdered that gloomy night, it was enough to put a block on my emotions. Years flowed by and I practiced, trying to improve my martial skills. I flourished, becoming an effective and deadly living weapon. A tactical and cunning weapon. I never considered bounty rewards as pelf. It is my living, a way in which I do not steal from or depend on others. In fact, I help maintain a balance, a balance whereby the undesirable are removed.
  Tonight, the bounty is extortionate. Ten pouches of gems and gold. A handsome amount that will eventually last several years. The reward was enticing. A feeling of jubilation washed over when I took up the task. With no time to waste, I proceeded on.
  When I arrived at the given destination, the moon was hovering in the sky.I moved to the tree, as silent as death, and camouflaged myself amidst the dark.. From afar, I could perceive the silhouette of the two bodyguards in darkness, clutching the spear tightly at the entrance of their master abode. They were not a match for me. A professional killer like myself would not miss a single target from this distance. I took aim and threw the dagger, which whistled against the wind and immediately seeped the life out of the poor victim. At the sight of his fallen comrade, the combatant took hold of his spear, however within the second, he too suffered the same fate. I hurtled over to garner back my precious daggers. I wiped the smeared blood   off the blade, and the blade seem to be as shiny as ever, reflecting the moonlight then gleamed upon it.

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