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Assignment: Scientific Taxonomy and Earth’s Biodiversity Paper

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For this assignment I searched through the internet sites and threw the plethora list of animals. There was quite a few that had my interest, but the two mammals I chose were dolphins and us humans even though we are not on the list. That is right us humans are mammals too, just many of us over look or forget that fact. For my insects of choice I chose grasshoppers and ants, mainly because I was outside catching them today with my daughter.   For my choice of birds I chose chickens and ducks, because I had them when I was a kid. For my echinoderms of choice I chose sea urchins and brittle stars because they seemed interesting. But to be honest I haven’t really had much to do with the life forms of echinoderms, because I have never even seen the ocean.

All of these animals that I listed are similar and connected, because of a few different characteristics. The first characteristic is the fact that they are all multi – cellular creatures, and they are also heterotrophs. The second characteristic that they share is the fact that they all have exoskeletons which are tissues that all work together like one big main organ. The third characteristic is all of these creatures also ingest there food, also all these animals are diploids, which mean that they have two separate sets of genetic makeup that is imbedded within their bodies.   Lastly, “Most reproduce sexually, by means of two differentiated egg and sperm.”(Myers, P.)
Now let’s talk about how these eight different animals can relate to the other animals that are in their groups. So we know humans and dolphins are mammals, and they are so very different from one another. They are different because we know that humans have two arms, two legs, and humans mainly live on land. But dolphins are creatures of the sea, and they also have fins. Dolphins hear with a sonar system and humans hear with their ears.   Also, another interesting thing that they have in common is that humans and dolphins have hair on certain areas...

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