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Assyrian History Essay

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  • on September 29, 2009
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The history of Assyria is split into 6 Periods:

Emergence: beginnings to 2400 BCE:
There is no exact date for when Assyria was first formed, although archaeological digs have shown that by 2500 BCE Ashur & Arbel were both thriving cities. During this period Assyria developed the core basics of their civilization, such as kilns (controlled fire), animal domestication, pottery and lots more. Because of their rich fertile land they were some of the earliest permanent agricultural settlements. Cities soon became large, well supported settlements and before long they turned their attention towards the rest of Mesopotamia.

First Golden Age: 2400 to 612 BCE:
During this period Assyria became the dominant power over Mesopotamia for 1800 years. Shamshi-Adad, through his political skill established the core of the Assyrian empire in 1813 BCE. He did this by uniting Ashur, Nineveh and Arbel before taking control of Arrapkha and Nimrod. This unity greatly increased trade & all the cities thrived.

Around 1472 BCE the Mittanian Empire joined with the Assyrians and they ruled together for around 70 years before they were overthrown by the Assyrians. One of Assyria’s cities Arik-den-ili was invaded by people from the Taurus mountains north of Assyria. They were a somewhat major threat to Assyria and were repelled, allowing the first Assyrian Empire to be established, which lasted to around 1248 BCE.

In 1307 BCE Tiglath-Pileser dramatically increased Assyrians territory, and in doing created the middle Assyrian Empire. He had a fascination with foreign animals and set up one of the first ever zoo’s, soon followed by several others. During this time the Arameans migrated in great numbers into and over the next century Assyria declined, which eventually ended in 934 BCE when they finally settled. Assyria re-emerged with the rule of Ashur-dan II, who rebuilt Assyrias original borders. He also provided an economical boost, and there was record grain production....

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