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At the age of 16 Essay

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At 16 I thought I knew everything, reality was that I was an ignorant immature spoiled brat. I did not realize how essential money was when I was a sixteen year old. I spent my parent’s money left and right and I did not work for any of it. I did not know the value of a dollar nor did truly understand the meaning of happiness. I use to think that money could buy happiness. Not only did I not know the meaning of a dollar but I also did not know how important my family was to me. When I was in high school I put my family on the backburner. I did not spend quality time with them. I would go out with my friends and eat nothing but junk. I did not have a healthy lifestyle. I ate nothing but fat and I did nothing but sit on my butt. When I was not with my friends I was like a log on a couch. As an adult now I know the meaning of money, I know how important family is, and I know how important my health is to me. As time went on I grew wiser, and I saw the bigger picture instead of looking at life so carelessly as I did. I now see the big picture, rather than thinking small.
When I was in high school, many would say that I did not know the value of a dollar. However now that I am older, I understand how important money is. In high school my parents gave me an American Express as well as a Visa Credit Card, so they paid for everything that I needed and wanted. Because I had those two plastic cards that basically shouted, “Use me, use me.” I spent money on those credit cards, without even asking my parents if I could use the credit cards they had given me. I was constantly spending money left and right on things that I did not need, but then thought I needed. So what my parents decided to do was to give me a credit card that took money straight out of my bank account, so I needed to find a job. Once I got a job I understood how hard it was to make a dollar and I fully understood the meaning of money and how important it was. After I got a job, and received my paychecks I...

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