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Attachment Styles Essay

  • Submitted by: jdannibale
  • on December 7, 2008
  • Category: Psychology
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Researching the four different types of attachment styles, I concluded that I was associated most with secure attachment style and anxious/ ambivalent attachment style. I also recognized that other outside influences such as peers, society and the media characterize who I am as well.
A secure attachment style is the pattern of parenting that generally communicates parents or primary caregivers that are securely attached to the child. They react more quickly and consistently to the child’s’ needs in a loving way. In adulthood the child tends have trusting, lasting relationships, a good self-esteem and they are able to share feelings with friends and seek out social support. Growing up my parents was always constantly supportive and loving. I have never felt rejected, dismissed or abused in anyway. I have a number of characteristics of secure attachment style such a lasting relationships and being able to share my feelings with friends. On the other hand, anxious/ ambivalent attachment style is a more intricate style. It is inconsistent treatment of a parent or caregiver. At times the caregiver may be attentive and loving and at other times uncaring or rejecting. Therefore in adulthood the child feels characterized by a concern that others will not reciprocate one’s desire for relationships, thus, resulting in higher levels of anxiety. People in this category tend to have low levels of trust and interdependence, and they are usually less satisfied with their relationship. During my teenage years, I have felt that I have developed some of these characteristics.
Throughout my childhood, my parents have most definitely communicated who I am and what my role is, they have given me an identity script. For instance, growing up my family always instilled in me the value of having a secure and happy life. This meant that college was obligatory. However, coming to college I believe that I have learned more about my self than any other time in my life. Here I am faced with...

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