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Attitude Of Man Against The Rapid Development Of s Essay

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Attitude of Man Against The rapid development of science and technology

Major changes have occurred in some communities in the world, ranging from around the country to the global community though. Starting from the discovery of a variety of advanced technology equipment such as radios, until the discovery of the first computer. That's all it is not trivial. Sooner or later technology will continue to evolve as the human need for communication and fast-paced infoemasi and instant.
The technology was not limited and will never be ending. Starting from the natural intelligence of the human mind, the need, as well as a basic human right to know what is happening around him. The intellectuals and take advantage of the phenomenon, they always create a new innovation of technology and manufacture of various products.
Let's see the facts of mobile phone innovations ranging from a monochrome features, then evolved to feature camera, mp3, dual SIM, 3G, wifi, touch screen, up to the Black Berry or I Phone with its superior features. Similarly, the innovation of computer products ranging from calculators (electronic calculating machines), until the invention of the world's first computer to pentium computers, laptops, netbooks, and tablet PC that is currently booming among the intellectual community at large.
That's the nature of the technology based on human nature that is never satisfied. But not a few people who merely follow fashion developments of such products because it is the insistence of the needs of science and technology or just prestige (social prestige) alone. Did not realize people fooled by their own intelligence, while the children trapped by the fierce flow of information today that in fact sourced from television and virtual worlds such as social networking which should indeed inappropriate for consumption of children in umumnya.Sikap protective of the environment is very important for ensure that children are not much affected by the ha-negativity...

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