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Audience Analysis and Behavior

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Audience Analysis and Behavior

The business arena is getting very competitive day by day. From cars to chocolates every market is heavily segmented and competition is high. This leaves advertisers less room for error and less time to work. Thus the advertisers today must analyze and understand the psychological behavior of the consumers. The advertisers need to recognize the appropriate audiences and how to reach to them through different channels before the competition catches them. Once the advertiser can understand why the consumer is bying a product he can reduce waste of the resource by a great deal. It will also increase his efficiency and will develop a good buyer-seller relationship. There are two types of audiences. For the selected product we will be targeting the consumer audience.

Why people buy:

The first step in analyzing consumer behavior is to find out why they buy a product. This will help us to focus on the underlying reason for peoples buying behavior. Peoples buying decision are influenced by three factors Psychological Influences, Social and Interpersonal Influences and Situational Influences. We analyzed how these factors can influence the selected target audiences behavior to buy Nippon TV.

Psychological Influences:

People just don’t buy products because they have the ability to buy though buying ability is an important determinant of buying behavior. Different psychological factors (e.g. lifestyle, attitude, motivations etc) affect the consumers perception about different product and their choice to buy these products. These factors are called   psychological factors. The target market here is the middle class family (upper and lower middle class family). Bangladeshi Middle class people are the gentle society of   the country. They are not so rich but they maintain adequate social dignity, norms and values. They purchase economy goods but it must have to be qualitative. Thus they will be motivated to buy Nippon TV as they can...

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