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Audience Analysis Paper

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Audience Analysis Paper

The role of communication plays a critical part in business every day.   As a sales person, effective communication is even more vital because of the interaction involved in any given business transaction; and because as a sales person one must be able to communicate persuasively in order to lock in a sale. This paper will outline the characteristics of the audience that a salesperson must consider when presenting a quarterly sales information meeting to a group of stakeholders, including managers, salespeople, and customers. I will discuss what communication channels are appropriate for this meeting and what considerations to keep in mind given the diversity of the audience in the meeting. Finally I will talk about how a salesperson ensures that the message is effective to the group attending the meeting.
There are five characteristics that a salesperson must take into consideration when addressing this audience is: who the primary audience is; who the secondary audience is; who the gatekeeper is; who the auxiliary audience is; and finally who the watchdog audience is. In this particular scenario the primary audience are the stakeholders; the primary audience will decide whether to accept recommendations or will act on the basis of the message. The gatekeepers are the managers; a gatekeeper has the power to stop a message instead of sending it on to other audiences, the gatekeeper therefore controls whether a message even gets to the primary audience. The other salespeople are the auxiliary audience; an auxiliary audience may encounter your message but will not have to interact with it. Finally the customers are the watchdog audience; though it does not have the power to stop the message and will not act directly on it has political, social, or economic power. The watchdog pays close attention to the transaction between the salesperson and the primary audience and may base future actions on its evaluation of the presentation....

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