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Avoiding Plagiarism Essay

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  • on September 2, 2009
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Below is an essay on "Avoiding Plagiarism" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Avoiding Plagiarism
Plagiarism is cheating, and there is no, if, and but about it. You can’t use anyone else work and call it yours. When using someone else’s work you need to cite the author, title, page number, within your essay. The author states that plagiarism has regulations behind it; some are to the point of getting putting out of school. Research (Franklyn- Stokes & Newstead, 1995; Stefani & Carroll 2001) has shown that up to 80% of students are plagiarizing someone else’s work, because they get behind and don’t want to do their own work.
1. This article tells you to be very careful not to plagiarize. It makes it plain and simple in the definition about plagiarism, don’t use someone else’s words without citing it in your essay.
2. The article tells you about the circumstances behind plagiarism. Which are penalties and disciplinary hearing because of plagiarism. The actions behind plagiarism are not very serious.
3. The article tells you how to avoid plagiarism in writing your essay or any work that you may be submitting in to your instructor. When reading or writing an essay try to remember what you have read. Try to put most of it into your own words.
4. It offers you web sites to look up more information on plagiarism. A quiz is offered to test your skills on plagiarism.
5. It offers a link to where you can send your essay to, to find out if you have misused someone else’s words or work.
Avoiding plagiarism it is very serious in whatever you may be writing. It’s very unadvisable to a student going to high school or college to plagiarize. In other words it will not be tolerated. Make sure you watch what you are preparing to write in your essay. Make sure you cite every word that has been used by anyone else.
When I read the article, I learn some amazing things on plagiarism. It provided different ways of writing and rewording your paper to omit using someone else’s work. Citing any and all words within the paper and addition information...

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