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ayn rand & anthem Essay

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  • on December 15, 2008
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Ayn Rand: Background & Story Analysis

Ayn Rand was born in Russia in 1905 and lived there until 1917 when her family ran to Crimea after the Russian Revolution and the communists had seized her father’s store and possessions. In 1926, she received a visa to visit relatives in America, and moved there permanently to become a screen writer, vowing to never look back. She began her writing in the form of screenplays and it wasn’t until 1936 when she was able to finally get her first novel published (We The Living – written 1934, published 1936). She often said that “’We The Living’ was as close to an autobiography as I will ever write, and even though the general plot was invented, the background was not, and even though the specific events of the Kira’s, life were not mine, her ideas, her convictions, and her values were and are.”
Ayn Rand’s writing very clearly reflects her own life. From her childhood in a bitter communist environment, to her sanctuary within the capitalist America, she has truly lived through the core themes of her novels. Her ideas and philosophies have no doubt sprouted from her own experience of humanity, and of her own perceptions of human capability and the significant power of the individual. She witnessed firsthand the destructive power a collective socialist society could have on the individual.
Ayn Rand’s Anthem is not only a glimpse into a horrific future for mankind, but also a harsh rebuke of collectivism and an obvious proclamation to the power of man’s self. Objectivism, Ayn Rand’s philosophy, is very well portrayed in Anthem. The principle concept of Objectivism is that man is a hero, living as an individual, free from the bonds of others. Anthem is a tale of a time where society does not allow individualism. Society forces an altruistic life on its citizens, who are not even afforded real names in the sake of equality, and instead are given numbers. Nameless and selfless, they are nothing but simple brainwashed members of...

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