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Baby In A Box Essay

  • Submitted by: dbabydrake1
  • on March 2, 2011
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Skinner’s experiment was a controlled experiment. The experiment’s variables ranged from the temperature to the clothing to other factors. Skinner claimed that “raising or lowering the temperature by more than a degree or two produces a surpising change in the baby’s condition and behavior.” Also Skinner had control of the baby’s clothing. He analyzed that freedom from clothes and bedding are crucial for an older baby. Clothing, in his opinion, can restrict the movement of an infant, cause rashes, and present a danger to an infant as strangulation. Having to constantly watch and adjust the sheets or clothing of the baby can add tiring labor to a mother. Cleaning and Deborah’s, Skinner’s daughter, weekly routines were other controlled variables. The crib was free of spray and air-borne infection. The crib did not have a bed that needed to be changed because the “mattress” was a “tightly stretched canvas.” A single bottom sheet was a “canvas with an “endless” sheet arrangement” that worked like a paper towel roller. It lasted a week and could be replaced in a matter of seconds. The only laundry was a blanket for when Deborah was being fed, the roller sheet, an diapers. The air going into the crib was thoroughly filtered which kept the compartment clean. This kept Deborah clean enough to bath weekly.
This experiment had a low ecological validity. Although it may be a good idea, this in my opinion is not possible and valid in the US and in other countries. Skinner has made it clear that he did take Deborah out to play, but to others this may seem as a form of neglect or isolation.
This experiment was interesting to read. It not only was unique in the idea to do this to a baby but it also makes you wonder, is this really something that should be used? I understand the reason for this study but in my opinion, not every child should live such a protected childhood. For Skinner to keep his child enclosed in a box and to think a child’s happiness could be controlled by...

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