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Balding Essay

  • Submitted by: kparro
  • on February 27, 2011
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One simple word makes many grown men (and some women) quake in fear; balding. Receding hair lines, bald spots, and hair loss are problems that plague many people, old and young. Referred to as alopecia by doctors, balding can be simply defined as hair loss, and is considered a skin disease.   There are many different types of alopecia, each of which has different causes, treatments, characteristics, and symptoms.
Balding has many different causes, in both sexes. Age, illnesses, lifestyle, environment, hair products, fungal infections, and tumors of the scalp are all causes for different forms of this disease.   As you might have concluded from the numerous bald cancer patients, medication, like chemotherapy, is also a huge cause. Genetics can also play a role in hair loss, though, according to   Donald of www.whatcausesbaldness.com, “It isn't so much that most of us have a gene that causes baldness and hair loss, but that our hormones change with age, and this then causes the hair loss and baldness to happen. This hormone change may be genetically caused, but you don't have a gene that says," right, time to cause baldness, lets get rid of this hair".”
It is quite simple to identify the symptoms of a balding individual.   You do not need to be a doctor, you do not need to do any tests; you can just simply use your eyes. In males, balding usually takes the form of a receding hair line, though in severe cases, the hair just starts falling out in chunks. In women, hair generally just thins out.   This hair thinning starts around the age of 30, but does not become particularly noticeable until the women reaches menopause.
Balding is not abnormal, many people suffer from it. But, it is an abnormality of the skin’s function.   The skin on your scalp is supposed to grow hairs.   Head hair is important to us for many reasons; warmth, protection, and sexual selection are just a few of those. When there is no hair being produced the scalp is more likely to get sunburnt, has...

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