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Barbie As An Image Icon Essay

  • Submitted by: mmiller
  • on March 1, 2011
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Barbie: The Image Icon

At the age of 51, Barbie is one of the longest living toys in America. Barbie’s renowned face has set the standard for the doll industry. Her numerous faces, hairstyles, careers, and luxurious wardrobe are seen nearly everywhere. People spend ridiculous sums of money whether they buy, sell, or collect Barbie as a pastime. The main question is why? Barbie is just a doll; to be more specific, a piece of plastic dressed to perfection. Barbie lives in a world where women are superior and uses her boyfriend Ken as a mere accessory. She was made ideal; from the perfectly designed curves to every flawless detail on her face. In retrospect, Barbie was created as an image icon for all to love and admire.
Growing up, I was a self-entitled ‘girly-girl.’ I absolutely loved getting dressed up in frilly dresses and twirling around to see how beautiful it looked. Just like any other girl in America, I owned many Barbie dolls. However, it did not stop with just the dolls; I owned Barbie’s dream house, convertible, and various outfits. I loved playing with Barbie and often took her with me wherever I went. The dominant-hegemonic reading I received from Barbie was to love her unconditionally, not only by showing her constant ‘affection,’ but also by begging my parents to gradually buy all the accessories that she required. With two older sisters, my younger brother also received a dominant-hegemonic reading from Barbie. While other boys were busy playing with Power Rangers or G.I. Joes, my brother was incredibly infatuated with Barbie. I know wonder what his obsession was with her. Maybe he thought since his older sisters went ballistic when they got Barbie’s dream house that he too should be enthusiastic about this beautifully designed piece of plastic. The age-old argument of nature vs. nurture plays a significant role in my brother’s and mine increasing adoration of Barbie. Any psychologist would tell you the debate of nature vs. nurture is not...

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