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Beauty Essay

  • Submitted by: anahi4595
  • on December 5, 2011
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Many individuals regard physical beauty as a highly valued attribute. Theories have extensively supported the notion that what is beautiful is good. Through factors of attractiveness including gender, body size, age, and beauty enhancements, humans try to achieve a state of “perfection.” Throughout the years a physical stereotype has been developed making people, especially women, believe in ideals that are certainly deceitful. Beauty is prominent, yet not essential to life, since it is an ideal outer representation women attempt to seek in order to fulfill their moral aspirations and dreams. They feel that by altering themselves in some way, shape, or form, they will become more accepted by society.
Media communication networks such as newspapers, magazines, and television have long influenced women’s ideals. Advertisements demonstrate a particular perfection of a thin youthful figure that in reality is not typical in a woman. As Source C states, women are placed on a pedestal as exemplifying physical beauty as at the same time the society and media consider the great majority of women drab, ugly, fat, and loathsome. When women look at these “perfect models” they feel pressure to attain that figure and may endure in surgical and cosmetic procedures to obtain it. Without considering the dangers involved in altering their appearance women try to become an image of “perfection.”
In today’s culture as acknowledged by Source D, it is acceptable to be satisfied by the external markers of success; that the pursuit of such markers is, in and of itself, a useful and psychologically healthy goal for people; that what used to be encouraged---a lifelong process of moral education--- is less useful, in the long term, than the appearance of success, health, and beauty; and that if we can overcome the limits nature places on our physical bodied, we should. This statement supports the idea that beauty is more important than anything else. This has also influenced women...

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