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Being a Twin Essay

  • Submitted by: erpinkus
  • on December 5, 2011
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It’s not fascinating – at least not to me. People act like it’s the most remarkable thing they have ever seen. We look absolutely nothing alike, share very little in common, and have completely opposite personalities. So, what’s so amazing? It’s a never-ending discussion of “Who’s the better twin?” or “You look just like your sister,” even though we are fraternal twins and couldn’t look more different. I have freckles with light brown wavy hair, and Dara, who is four inches taller, has no freckles with dark black curly hair. The constant comparisons have been a challenge for years: compared sometimes by friends, often by family, but most of all, by one another. When we were little girls, none of this really mattered.
I had a built-in friend. We never fought and couldn't leave each other's sides. We were the best of friends and enjoyed one another's company. We took tap and jazz classes and could not wait to play in the snow together. When we came in from outside, we roasted marshmallows over a candle because we though that was more fun than using the fireplace. At around age five, we would sneak the scissors out of my mom’s drawer and give each other haircuts. The one day, we got caught. Mom’s mouth dropped and she screamed at the top of her lungs, in shock that we cut off all of our hair.   She wouldn’t let us go to school that day and took us straight to the hair salon. We ended up with two short bobs – so short we looked like porcelain dolls.
We attended overnight camp for seven summers. The first summer, we were nine, and I was extremely homesick. Not Dara; she had the time of her life. I remember my second morning at camp. I pretended to throw up, thinking they would send me home or at least let me call my mom. Well, the camp did neither. They gave me some soda and pretzels and told me to rest. I was so sad and continued to cry and cry. Dara, even though she was in a different cabin, came to my bunk every night for the first few weeks to make sure I wasn't...

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