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Beliefs Essay

  • Submitted by: warpten47
  • on March 1, 2011
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The Stay at Home Mom
I believe in the “stay at home mom”.   When I was growing up, my Mother worked full time as did my Father.   I was a latch key kid in charge of all the house work and taking care of my younger sister until my parents got home. I remember really hating those days because there were many times when things went wrong and I didn’t know what to do. No child should be responsible for a sibling and a household at 8 years old.   During this time my best friend lived with her family one block away. Lisa’s mother was a stay at home mom.   They had a lovely home that was always clean and she was always there when Lisa came home. I think Lisa grew up to be a better well rounded person because of it.
      Our children have to face so much ugliness in the outside world today as it is. Wouldn’t having a mom or grand mom to come home to make it better for them?   When my daughter was born, my husband and I made the decision that I would quit work and stay home and look after her. This is a decision I never regretted. She grew up smart and adjusted. She gets along well with others and she never showed the aggressive tendencies that I had seen in children left alone or in day care centers.   Now she is grown now with a child of her own. She wanted to give Bella the same advantage she had by keeping her at home with family rather than going to day care. So we take turns looking after her and the results are already evident. Bella has a gentle and calm nature. When she plays with other children she shares and she isn’t aggressive. She smiles a lot and she is in general, a happy child. I know this concept is outdated in today’s society but maybe it is something that society should reconsider.   In my opinion, the only way our society is going to survive is if we step back and rethink how we bring up our children.

      When our mothers stayed home things were better for us. I think certain cultures have the right idea in where the whole family lives together under...

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