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Belonging Essay

  • Submitted by: ivaptggga1771
  • on August 2, 2009
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English assesment

My understanding of Belonging has greatly increased through texts in class
and in our research project.
Our first text on belonging was the simple gift.
In the simple gift the main character Billy lucket feels as though he does not belong
where he currently lives. As a result of that and his poor home life he leaves home.
He jumps trains and soon ends up in benderat, where he soon meets old bill, a homeless man
that also feels like he dosn't belong. And caitlin, Who does not feel she belongs in her rich
upscale school, and is drawn to billies open freedom, and good qualities. As the book progresses
Billie soon feels like he belongs in benderat, with old bill and caitlin.
But soon that feeling of belonging is threatened by the police demanding billie find a home.
Old bill gives billie keys to his old house, him and caitlin move in together thereby fulfilling
billies wanting for belonging. This story imlies that belonging is a good thing and makes the
person feel better about themselves and brings happiness, and other positives.
Another example is the song i used for my speach '1st person' by stone sour.
The song revolves around the singer questioning why on a lot of things, most of them revolving
on how he dosn't belong. The lyrics 'i want there to be a way' Show his wanting to belong,
As the song progresses, he realises that he does not need to belong, and that belonging may not
always be a good thing. Where instead of starting each sentance with why. He now begins his sentances
with i want to show you all. He then starts targeting the people who belong, by repeating
i want to show you a lie, i want to show you their lies. I want to show you why i don't belong.
Unlike the other text, this shows that belonging may not necessarily be a good thing.
It shows that in trying to belong a person could have to lie, hurt other people and be something
that is not themselves.
While these two texts have conflicting views, i have...

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